​​​​Southern Tier LYME Support, Inc.

Created to help spread Awareness, Education and Prevention of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has become an epidemic 

Binghamton Press & sun-bulletin Op-Ed by board member Peter Baumann

​2017 Lyme Conference videos & Pictures are now available online - please go to our 2017 conference page to view!

​​​Save the Date!!

​2018 Lyme disease Conference will be the weekend of May 5th

We would like to Thank all of our Speakers, sponsors, Volunteers, attendees and Binghamton University for making the 2017 Conference a huge success

​upcoming Support group meetings

​Monday July 10th - Southern tier lyme support, Binghamton, NY  5pm - 7pm

Tuesday august 1st - Valley Lyme Disease Support Group, Athens, PA. 5:30pm - 7:30pm

​Dr. Ronald Stram, Founder of the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine - stramcenter.com - will speak about the importance of diet and nutrition in the treatment of Lyme Disease. Food is medicine and it plays a crucial role during treatment of Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. Dr. Stram will explore dietary protocols and nutritional supplementation therapies for fighting Lyme including those that address enhancing  the immune system, maximizing gut health and detoxification during treatment.


Binghamton University's Dr. Ralph Garruto began studying Lyme disease in 2012. After a large spike in the number of Lyme disease cases and an increase in ticks throughout the Upper Susquehanna River Basin, Dr. Garruto started the Binghamton University Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases Research Project to determine tick densities and infectivity with the Lyme pathogen and assess human risk though demographic and behavioral observation. Preliminary results have shown extremely high tick densities and a high rate of infectivity with the Lyme pathogen. Peri-urban and sub-urban environments have shown to be more risky for tick encounters than more rural or remote areas. The research team is currently working on more data collection to build a model of human risk with broader applications for the region. Please visit http://www.binghamton.edu/anthropology/news-and-events/lyme-disease-project.html to learn more information or to donate to this great cause!

Please help BU continue their important Research!!